Quilting prices are by the square inch.  Take the width X length of your quilt.  Then, take that number and multiply it by the following:

Edge to edge/pantograph:          .016/square inch


For example, if your quilt is 50″ X 65″ :

50 X 65 = 3250

3250 X .016 = $52.00

There is a $40 minimum charge per quilt.  Turnaround time is approximately one to two weeks.

Thread charges are per bobbin used on your quilt.  Solid cotton thread is $1.00 per bobbin, variegated is $1.50 per bobbin and King Tut thread is $2.00 per bobbin.  A lap sized quilt, 60×70 inches would use approximately 4 -5 bobbins, depending on the density of the design.



I don’t provide binding services, but can refer you to someone who does binding, if you need those services.