Listed below are some of the digital designs I have available.  I have added quite a few that aren’t listed.  There are also a few that aren’t viewable on the web, as they came with my system when it was purchased, such as Moon & Stars, and Meander.

Support our Troops/Breast Cancer ribbon, Loopy Meander, Arabesque, Circle Meander, Bricks, Fresh Flowers, Feather Meander, Feathered Blooms, Whales, Drifting Snowflakes

Sago Palm, Peace Dove Sashing, Contempo, Swoosh, Yo-yo, Plaza, Peonie, AM-Candy Hearts, Classic Stipple I, Flame leaf, Flutter Leaves, Fizz, English Oak, Celtic Braid Petite, Starburst, American Beauty, Feet, Snowman Interlocking, Simple Holly, Circles Panto, Lady Luck

Celebrate Petite Panto, Flower Power Panto, Celebrate Panto, Creeping Fig, Monstera, Wild Cherries, Chantilly Lace, Celtic Scroll, Raindrops, Bubblebath, Paper Dolls, Security Blanket, Meandering Holly, Christmas String of Lights

Sock Monkeys, Maple Leaves and Trumpets

Water, Water Simple, Oak Acorns, Wallpaper, Daisy, Scratch Modern (these designs may have “e2e” after their name on the website if you’re searching for them)

Curleq, Stars & Crescents, LowerABC (great for babies or teachers)


If you’re looking for a certain design, check those sites, they all have search options.  I add new designs on a regular basis, and will do my best to keep this page updated.  If you want a design that I currently don’t have, I will charge you half the price and pick up half the cost myself, then I have the designs available for other customers, and maybe you will be the next customer to benefit from a design picked by someone else!